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Chantelle is such a breath of fresh air and positivity! Her work is also impeccable and always above and beyond expectation. A very kind and caring being who I hope to work with again.

Betty Gabriel


Chantelle is one of the most kind, caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and knowing. She is a true artist. I like to give people the space to be creative when I feel I’m in safe hands. She’s been an instrumental part of my journey. From working on my personal projects, to doing Top Boy, to other shoots and editorials, to giving me advice on how to best look after and treat my hair. She’s the goat!

Little Simz


It was really lovely working with Chantelle as a Hair Stylist on Little Simz ILYIHY. She instantly made me feel safe and ease, we collaborated and created a style that I felt empowered my charcater. She has outside of that job offered me endless support and advise in regards to maintaining my hair. It is clear that she has such a rich knowledge of afro hair and will go above and beyond to help you. If you are still debating, all we want is to sit in a salon chair and leave feeling beautiful and happy with our looks, with Chantelle you feel that.

Shaniqua Okwok

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